Hello there. I’m John Daley. This is my website. I’m a retired boomer with a background in technology, business operations and law enforcement. (Here’s the LinkedIn profile from my pre-retirement life.) These days I’m mostly focused on travel, photography and catching up on some reading.

My photography can be viewed here. I’ve also written a little manifesto with some background on my history with photography.

This website might resemble the ones I built around the turn of the century as part of the ‘blogosphere‘. But this time around I’m not trying to create buzz, build an audience or generate page-views. This is just a boring/fun project for a retired guy. No stress.

Although I was a very early adopter of social media, I’ve since sworn it all off as toxic. Life is too short. If you’d like to reach me, I’m jjdaley on the gmail—which I check religiously at least once or twice a month. Or you can leave a comment below.

This site uses WordPress with a customized version of the Independent Publisher theme. Site navigation and search is here. I hope you enjoy the photographs.


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