Hello there. I’m John Daley. I’m a retired boomer with varied interests. My background is in technology and law enforcement. I like to travel and I’m an avid amateur photographer. Some of my photos can be found here.

This is an old-fashioned link blog, just like the one I had more than twenty years ago. I’m not doing this to build an audience or generate pageviews for ad revenue, or anything like that. This is just a fun project for a retired guy. A daily routine for writing, research and reflection. I’ve long sworn off commenting on news sites or social media so I do this instead.

If I write about the weather it will reflect where I happen to be at the moment, which is mostly coastal Massachusetts. But not always.

I link to Boston Globe stories a lot and I’m often critical because I value local journalism and hold the paper to high standards. I also follow technology news, information security, Apple and whatever happens to be interesting to me on a given day. Site nav and search is here.

I’m jjdaley on the Gmail. Also @jjdaley on Twitter (but see above). I’m also on Strava.