A well oiled machine

It’s a beautiful Monday. We’re about nine weeks into this lockdown thing.

A Cape Cod frenzy for ice cream has become national news. This is why we can’t have nice things.

When a safe and effective vaccine becomes available we’re going to have to mount a national effort to manufacture and distribute it to millions of people. There are many challenges involved. It may be an even more difficult effort than developing and distributing tests, something that we botched at the outset and are still struggling with months later. So count me as concerned about our ability to handle the vaccine challenges when they come.

Jerry Stiller has died at 92. He was a part time resident of Nantucket for many years.

The coronavirus is an enigma. It can have a wide range of effects on people, from no symptoms to the common symptoms to strange and unusual symptoms. With more than 14,000 scientific papers already written on Covid, it’s one of the most instantly studied diseases in history. But it still holds many mysteries. This Washington Post story describes some of the things it can do to a person.

And here’s the headline they should have gone with: Florida Man Opens State.

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