Force majeure

It’s March 28th. Saturday. Be nice to your cat.

Can we draft Bill Gates for president?

The current president is invoking the Defense Production Act to order GM to produce the ventilators that governors are screaming for. So now maybe they’ll actually get them …if they’re nice. Then again, people who run companies that already make ventilators don’t think auto manufacturers will be able to produce them. As for the drive-through parking lot testing sites that were touted by the president, not much has actually happened and those plans have been quietly scaled back because of a lack of available tests.

In Massachusetts, the Health Commissioner, Dr. Monica Bharel, has tested positive. The Governor is not, at this point, showing symptoms. – The Harvard Street Health Center in Dorchester is adapting to the crisis by embracing telehealth technology. – That halt to construction in the city is impacting some large projects but others are planning to move ahead on schedule. – And Boston Magazine has some tips for redecorating your home during a pandemic. Of course they do.

A 101 year old man, born into the Spanish Flu, has recovered from Covid-19 and is being released from an Italian hospital.

In Denmark, the government is underwriting most peoples’ salaries for the next three months. The Irish government is nationalizing the country’s hospitals until further notice.

And for many people, if you’re not commuting you’re not listening to podcasts. But if you are still listening to podcasts, here are two conservative libertarian economists discussing the impact of coronavirus. It’s an interesting take.

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