A turbulent six months ahead

It’s Thursday. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere is 51 years old today. Most of the songs were written in a single feverish day.

Billy Baker has been cooped up too long. File under: funny because it’s true.

The Financial Times published a long and damming account of the administration’s handling of the pandemic. (Short summary here if you hit the paywall.) There are some new revelations although much of what it details we already knew or suspected. But it’s striking to see it all laid out. “It is as though we knew for a fact that 9/11 was going to happen for months, did nothing to prepare for it and then shrugged a few days later and said, ‘Oh well, there’s not much we can do about it,'” one public health expert told the paper.

These days the planets are aligned for tech scammers. Brian Chen breaks it down.

The New York City Health Commishioner is under fire, and rightfully so, for a mean and stupid remark she made about NYPD officers’ need for masks.

And apparently if you work in tech and you’re 41 or older, you may as well just check into the nursing home. Or you could take this advice.

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