A tin ear

Wednesday, August 17. Today is National Fajita Day.

This tweet captures the week well.

The Globe Editorial Board tries to do a public service by making a strong case for getting everyone vaccinated. Until, that is, they add this little tidbit at the end: “As a last resort, local governments can simply mandate vaccinations for everyone…” What were they thinking? Statements like this only rev-up and embolden the anti-vax radicals who are influencing the skeptical and undecided. So much for the power of persuasion.

Venmo was a game changer for transferring money. And everyone had it, so it was easy. But there are alternatives and some are pretty compelling. Tatum Hunter has the scoop.

Adrian Walker points out that Kim Janey and Andrea Campbell, the two African American women leading in the race for mayor, are competing hard against each other. When the dust settles they might, unfortunately, cancel each other out, leaving Michelle Wu or Annissa Essaibi-George as the last candidate standing.

And Adam Gaffin informs us that a cruise ship will be docking in Boston tomorrow for a trip to Bermuda. He notes a Massport statement that, “Both passengers and crew will be fully vaccinated.” Only two passengers? Well at least there’ll be no line at the buffet.

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