A thought experiment

It’s Wednesday, the 352nd day of the year. It’s also Answer The Phone Like Buddy The Elf Day.

Fallon Sherrock is the first woman to win the world championship of darts. She beat Ted Evetts for the prize.

As a research experiment, the Massachusetts Housing Partnership ran the numbers and concluded that it would be possible to get a lot of people off the roads by adding denser housing around T stations. The report doesn’t address the transit system capability to handle all those extra people other than to say that the added riders will “demand — and help pay for — better and more frequent transit service”. Simple as that.

News flash: Lobster thief caught red handed.

Ted Gioia has released his best 100 albums of 2019. His are far and away the most eclectic and high quality ‘best of ‘music lists available. (It looks like someone made a shared iTunes playlist of this year’s selections.)

And the wife of the vice-president of Zimbabwe has got some explaining to do.

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