A solid foundation

It’s Tuesday. Almost Wednesday.

A Christmas wish come true. With a little marketing help.

The city of Boston is doing well. A building boom started by Tom Menino and continued by Marty Walsh has given Boston a very solid tax base. The obvious danger is in what happened to places like San Francisco, where all but the most affluent were priced out. Kudos to Walsh for integrating affordable housing efforts with new building initiatives.

If you thought your smart TV was collecting a lot of data about you, wait until you see what your car is doing. (You even need to be careful gassing up!)

It’s Edaville Railroad time again.

Government funding for gun-violence research was terminated in 1996. Fortunately it’s being renewed, with $25 million dollars in new funding for firearms safety studies. Unfortunately that won’t be enough.

And if your package from Amazon came on schedule today, you can thank ‘The Sniper‘.

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