A slow roll

Thursday morning in Massachusetts. Today’s word of the day is caduceus.

Rachel Rollins is not just about keeping people out of jail, as some people think. Sometimes she’s a hardass.

Mayor Walsh answered questions from the chamber of commerce about when business can get back to normal. It won’t be anytime soon and definitely not May 1st. As far as sports go, our Dr. Fauci doesn’t rule out MLB play this summer, but it will be for TV only. No fans in the stadiums and teams quarantined in their hotels. And bad news for filmmakers: it appears that Cannes Film Festival won’t be happening at all this summer.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles is extending renewal deadlines for stickers, registrations and licenses due in May, for another 60 days. They had previously extended for March and April.

I had planned to be in Paris today, taking photos on the streets of Saint Germain and browsing in Shakespeare & Company. Instead I’m home in Massachusetts looking out the window and chasing squirrels away from the bird feeder. But I’m not the only one grounded. Rick Steves is also stuck at home in Washington state, passing the time by learning to cook and smoking weed.

And everyone agrees that this is a good time to do more exercise. But don’t go overboard. It could lower your immunity.

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