A question of legitimacy

It is a splendid Saturday morning. July is in the rear view mirror. And despite the heat it was the worst month yet for Covid.

Brian Krebs looks at the state of credit card fraud in 2020 and wonders why it’s still even a thing.

A group of prominent conservative and libertarian attorneys are concerned enough about the President’s tweets on delaying the election that they’ve composed a statement to encourage Americans to be prepared for trouble. And it could very well be trouble. The ‘base’ is lining up to challenge any result other than victory. How this will all play out is still unclear. But the signs of trouble are already starting to show.

On the same topic, Jonathan Turley takes a swing and a miss.

The US deficit has ballooned beyond the point of reasonableness, which is hurting the country’s credit rating, now bumped down a notch from stable to negative. To add insult to injury, Congress and the White House still could not hammer out a plan to support people unemployed by Covid.

And you may not know the name William English, but he changed the world. English invented the computer mouse. He died this week.

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