A partisan spiral

A sleepy Sunday.

Felice Freyer has an interesting article on the unusually large amount of mutations that were required for Omicron to develop. Scientists are still trying to figure it all out.

I’m reminded of why I don’t watch cable news. I noticed this article about the deadly mid-December tornados on the Fox News website this morning, under the heading Natural Disasters. It’s a news article—not an opinion piece—that blames liberals… for blaming conservatives. Not much about the actual disaster, itself. The metaverse is here and we’re all living in it.

You saved a few bucks to put down on a new car but you still have to make monthly payments on the car loan. But that’s not the end of it. Toyota is considering requiring a paid subscription to use the remote start key fob. On your car.

The solvency of the state’s unemployment insurance fund is starting to come into focus. It looks there may be a little less in it than hoped.

And when you’re thirsty and you want something sweet, go for a cloud frappuccino. It looks absolutely delicious.

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