A new day, a new year

Friday, the first day of 2021. Things can only get better… right?

Dan Zak thinks that there are some good things to take away from 2020. The psychics are saying, ‘I told you so‘ about the bad things.

First the New York Post and now the Wall Street Journal. I think Murdoch is trying to send Trump a message.

Are you ready to tackle those New Year’s resolutions? Here are some “scientifically proven” tips for success. Number 4: “To be more productive, take more breaks.” Check.

Tony Morley channels Steven Pinker on how much better things are now than they used to be. The coming year should continue that positive trend, he says. Encouraging.

And we’re all sad to see Adobe Flash go gently into that good night, right? Not! Good riddance – just like 2020.

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