A need for speed

Monday morning. Today’s word is Longanimity. (It should be the word of the year.)

One day until September and the US has hit 6 million cases.

With the 5G rollout you should expect faster mobile connection speeds. Or at least slightly faster. In Canada speeds average 90Mbps. Here in the US it’s only 33.4Mbps. Internationally we’re not even in the top ten for speed. But we are in the top five for coverage, which is something.

No more snow days? I guess they don’t make sense with remote learning. Unless, of course, the power goes out.

David Able writes about a benefit of the decline of cranberry farming in the area: returning the bogs to their natural state. I haven’t been to Tidemarsh in Plymouth but there are a number of former cranberry bogs turned into conservation land around the south shore that I like to visit. Great for an afternoon walk. Lots of birds.

And, it’s been taken down now, but Herman Cain, who died from Covid-19 in July, tweeted yesterday that the virus was not as deadly as everyone thought. Weird. Of course the Internet reacted.

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