A million dollar ticket

It’s Friday, February 28. Pope Benedict put his papers in on this day in 2013, passing the hat to Francis. And in 1983 we all watched the final episode of M.A.S.H..

Bacon on the go. It’s genius.

Councillor Julia Mejia wants to charge for parking tickets based on income. (Hello Jeff Bezos.) An interesting idea but it doesn’t seem very popular. It also might be time to update the ParkBoston app. A Reddit user took a screenshot of all the permissions the Android version requests. Seems a bit extreme but it could be just old code. The IOS version is better, but not by much.

The St. Patrick’s Day breakfast is moving back to the convention center this year. It should be an interesting season for speeches. We’ll see if anyone hires Bloomberg’s comedy writer.

This is a long but interesting article about coronavirus, including how it spreads, what it does and how this one compares to other outbreaks. Lots of good information packed in here.

At one point, a month or so ago, it appeared that Betelgeuse was on the verge of going supernova since scientists saw that it was dimming, a precursor to a stellar explosion. Because it’s what they do, other scientists double-checked the first scientists observations and found that the dimming was more likely due to atmospheric effects. So no dramatic supernova. But a win for science.

And here’s some body camera footage of an officer in California kicking in a door and dragging a man out of a burning house. Nice work.

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