A logical conclusion

Monday once again. Today’s word is snivel.

SpaceX launched successfully last night. It’s a big deal for NASA.

WBUR has an interesting story on Latino support for Trump in Massachusetts. They quote a Lawrence resident who says, “Papa Trump gives more benefits than Obama, Papa Trump is more favored for Spanish people than Biden,” adding also that he believes that Democrats favor socialism. Good to see people are thinking things through.

In other counterintuitive news: Man with conviction for election fraud claims election fraud.

Following the reports on the Pfizer vaccine comes news from Moderna that their vaccine is also better than 90% effective. In the meantime, though, things are getting worse, especially for people in the service industry. No customers plus no stimulus equals no jobs.

And if you thought the iPhone was expensive, try this phone, for $4000. I don’t think there’s an installment plan or carrier subsidies.

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