A legacy of peace

It’s Saturday. The word of the day is equinox. Spring has sprung.

Can happiness be taught? Over 3 million people say it can. Sign up for the course – or be miserable.

When John Hume died in August travel restrictions were in place across Europe and memorials were kept small and local. But on this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, many of his admirers and family here in the US appeared in a video to remember the Nobel Prize winner. It’s worth a watch, as is this documentary on his life’s work.

One year ago I took a walk around Boston with my camera. The streets were empty. It was strange. A lot has changed in 12 months and we’re not quite back to normal. It’s coming, soon, but we’re not there yet. Over the past year Google has been tracking how we have been searching for information about the virus. First we were curious about masks and how to avoid being infected. Then toilet paper, symptoms, tests, stimulus checks and school openings were the hot topics. Now we’re searching for how to get vaccines and wondering about side effects. I think that’s progress. (I hope that’s progress.)

Acer has reportedly been hit with one of the biggest ransomware hacks yet. $50 million is the demand. The company is being tight-lipped but has acknowledged and reported “recent abnormal situations” to authorities The hackers have given them until March 28th to pay up or have their data released publicly.

And here are the winners of this year’s Leica Woman’s Foto Project awards. Impressive talent and that Leica magic make for some extraordinary photos.

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