Gordian knot

It’s Wednesday, the 190th day of 2020. Just 176 more to go.

Why is Stella mad? Wait and she’ll tell you.

A list of prominent writers and artists have come together to write a letter in Harpers on the importance of, and need for, freedom of expression. Pretty clear cut, right? But another writer is apoplectic because the authors, in writing the letter, did in fact express themselves, making the premiss of the letter false. And others are speaking out against speaking up. It’s a controversy that encapsulates these times pretty well.

It looks like The Swamp is actually getting deeper.

Adam Gaffin reports on the slow trickle of museum openings, including the Gardner, Aquarium and Museum of Science.

And it’s officially hurricane season and it looks like it’s going to be a busy one. Of course it does.

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