A forest over the river

Saturday morning. Clouds and rain this weekend as the remnants of Laura come through. Good. We need the rain.

The Keep America Great website isn’t what you think. Here’s why.

There may be big changes afoot for the Brooklyn Bridge. Cyclists have always had a hard time moving through the tourists on the upper deck who are constantly wandering into the bike lane. One part of the new plan, selected after a competition, would move bikes into dedicated lanes on the lower deck. Other changes include a new central plaza on the bridge and much more greenery. It worked for the High Line so why not the Brooklyn Bridge.

The FDA is a hot political mess. Just what we need.

In the Scottish Highlands several years ago, I watched a man stacking rocks along the side of the road near a scenic viewpoint. A tour bus stopped and the guide got out and starting kicking the cairns over, sparking an argument leading to a near fistfight. The man stacking rocks explained that he stops here every year and the stacks are his memorials to a dead family member. The guide insisted that the cairns were creating a breeding ground for mosquitos. To make a long story short, it turns out that they were both right.

And if you’re looking forward to the new iPhones with 5G coming this fall, you might find that they won’t access the faster service without an upgrade to your plan. I guess someone had to pay for that build-out.

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