A familiar face

Saturday. Apparently it’s going to snow.

The US Attorney wields immense power. But not when it comes to the federal bureaucracy.

According to a survey, the use of facial recognition by law enforcement agencies in Massachusetts is pretty low. The two biggest agencies reporting that they use the technology are the State Police and, surprisingly, the Suffolk County District Attorney. (Even before the City Council ban, Boston Police tended to shy away from facial recognition systems because they were often inconclusive or unreliable.)

Why isn’t Joe Biden more popular? It’s probably because he isn’t angry or resentful. Anger, resentment and tilting at windmills are the the tools of the political trade these days. Democrats in general aren’t angry enough either. And when they do get mad it might be too late.

If you’re one of the people worried about harmful radiation emitted by 5G towers you can wear a radioactive pendant around your neck as protection. Darwin lives on.

And if you thought 2021 weather was crazy, wait until next year.

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