A false sense of security

It’s a stormy Monday. The word of the day is Zephyr.

Local banks are gearing up to distribute the second round of small business paycheck protection loans, which start today.

Hokkaido Island in Japan provides a lesson in opening businesses up too soon. Dr. Birx suggests we’ll need another six months of social distancing in the US to be safe but some states are already loosening the rules and others are set to follow.

Writing in the New York Times, Matt Flegenheimer just comes out and says it. (The piece is labeled as a Political Memo, which seems to be somewhere between opinion and straight reporting.) He’s not wrong. These are very strange times.

Should Boston annex surrounding towns and incorporate them as boroughs? The city is small geographically but still needs to maintain the infrastructure to support the commuters who live (and pay taxes) in the nearby suburbs. It’s just a though experiment.

And even though there are no live sports to watch, your cable provider is still charging those sport network fees. Now that doesn’t seem right.

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