A failure of unity politics

Saturday. Today’s word is vignette.

David Sanger explains why the French are so pissed at us and Steven Erlanger looks at the wider implications of the US, Australian submarine deal. Sacrebleu.

Emerson professor Roger House has a unique take on the results of the mayoral runoff. Barros, Campbell and Janey, he argues, were trying to win over the liberal establishment and media rather than speaking to the critical needs in the neighborhoods. “They appeared to be swayed by associations with liberal groups – and placed an emphasis on a progressive agenda that inadequately speaks to the cultural and spiritual needs of their community.” But, he believes, it’s not too late to fix things. One of the three could still prevail as a write-in candidate in the general election. But only one.

Restaurants have been closing like crazy. A bunch of new restaurants are also opening in the Boston area. And a lot of them have Bar in their name. Scott Kearnan reports.

Renting a car has never been a fun experience. The pandemic has made a bad situation worse. And it probably won’t get back to just bad for quite a while.

And sometimes I think the Washington Post covers Boston better than the local papers do.

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