A doleful future

It’s Sunday. Relax and enjoy Dutch-American Friendship Day.

Math is hard.

The Globe business and tech writers try to piece together what an economic recovery would look like in the region. It’s not a pretty picture. And David J. Lynch, in the Washington Post, looks at the implications of the massive debt load we’re accumulating as a nation. Again, not pretty.

Zach Binney is thinking about when sports can get back to normal. And what that will look like.

With cities shut down, animals are roaming freely. Monkeys in New Delhi, dolphins in Venice, mountain goats in Wales. And in Boston? Make way for the turkeys.

The Times talks to experts to try to predict what the next year will look like. But another expert, Caitlin Rivers, warns that there’s just too much that we don’t know at this point to be able to make these types of predictions.

And one highlight of my summer is officially cancelled. New York’s Shakespeare in the Park won’t be happening this year. I always enjoy grabbing a coffee and waiting ‘on line’ for tickets on the morning of the show. There’s usually interesting conversation and Central Park is a nice place to spend a summer morning. I was looking forward to Richard II. Alas and alack.

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