A dog’s dinner

Wednesday, March 10th. Twenty one years ago the dot-com bubble burst.

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day breakfast will be something like a Zoom call but also broadcast on cable. Those big gag props won’t be as effective but maybe organizers can spice things up a little by inviting ‘The Great Zucchini.’ This should be fun.

Yesterday, the Globe compiled the most popular dog names in Boston. Most are one or two syllables. In the same spirit, Adrienne Mayor takes us back to ancient Greece, where dog names were also a thing. Examples from that time include, Hasty, Hurry, Yelp, Dash, Happy, Jolly, Growler and Crafty. (Sounds like a lineup of modern tech companies.) The one or two syllable rule applied back then too. “Xenophon, a Greek historian who wrote about hounds in the fourth century BC, maintained that the best names are short, one or two syllables, so they can be called easily.” (Just like dot-coms.)

Vaccine line jumpers from the entertainment and news industries shut down a vaccination site in California.

Hackers have apparently breeched Verkada video surveillance systems, allowing access to video from cameras in customers’ businesses, homes, jails and police stations, including the police station in Stoughton, MA WI.

And with spring in the air, many people are planning their gardens. Every garden should have one of these to inspire quiet contemplation.

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