A digital disruption

Not only is today Saturday, but it’s also National Spaghetti Day.

1/I’m surprised that 3d printed guns haven’t made much of an impact on crime. That could be changing.

2/Iran has an aggressive and capable cyber-warfare capability. Some sort of an attack is likely and what it will look like depends largely on how much damage they want to risk.

3/The most important gear for workouts, in my opinion, is a good set of bluetooth headphones. I’ve used JayBird and Beats X in the past and both worked fine. I currently use (and really like) these RBH earbuds but unfortunately they don’t seem to be available anymore. The Wirecutter has some alternative recommendations.

4/We survived reliving Y2K but now, in 2020, there’s a new worldwide date-based glitch. Luckily it seems to only effect parking meters.

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