A chicken in every pot

Today is Friday. And so it is.

Elizabeth Warren may have the right intention in trying to protect small investors in Ethereum. But if you’re in that market and you don’t know the risks, shame on you.

Michell Wu is in favor of the Free the T movement. No more fares. On her website, where she describes her position, there’s also a section asking for campaign donations that says, “Every dollar counts.” Unfortunately that part is true. A new report finds that the MBTA is headed for a ‘fiscal calamity’ unless it finds new sources of revenue. It’s nice to promise free things but, like a campaign, transportation costs money.

According to this map visualization from MassINC, Janey decisively beat Campbell in Roxbury and Mattapan. But digging into the numbers in the more progressive parts of the city you can see how Campbell, and presumably the Globe endorsement, cut into Janey’s numbers and tipped the scales citywide.

Apple is taking pre-orders for the new iPhone today. Before Apple, there was Sony. Like the iPhone in 2007, I bought the first Walkman as soon as it came out in 79. It was made of metal, like a tank. But it was an incredible device. This site has everything Walkman.

And the winners are… Mayim Bialik and Ken Jennings. At least for this year.

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