A chance occurrence

Saturday. Diwali begins today. Just in time.

Joe Biden may be too Irish for some conservative British politicians. (I didn’t know his family came from Ballina, a nice little town in the west. If you go, stop in The Loft on Pearse Street for a pint.)

That certain young people, seeming at random and without comorbidities, die from Covid-19, is still a mystery. Scientists are honing in on a possible suspect, autoantibodies.

Trump has put Giuliani in charge of the election lawsuits. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, my iPhone 12 Pro Max arrived and here’s my review: It’s big. Even bigger than I thought it would be. I haven’t put the camera through its paces yet, but DXOMARK has. They give it high marks.

And police in Italy made fast work of getting a donor kidney to its recipient. That is one hell of a patrol car.

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