A cautious approach

A good Saturday to you. Today’s word is Gamut.

In Boston and across the state it looks like the velvet glove approach to enforcing restrictions worked out just fine.

Phase 2 begins in a week. Hotels and restaurants will be allowed to accept customers if they adhere to the guidelines of the reopening plan. More details will be provided by the governor on Monday. I’m looking forward to dining out but curious to see how the experience will be different. This is a perfect time for sitting outdoors, and it’s safer, too.

The SpaceX launch is on for this afternoon after being postponed from last week. It’s scheduled for 3:22 PM Eastern. Here is a link to live coverage.

RAND, the think-tank, weighs in on the privacy aspect of contact tracing apps. It’s a pretty high level overview.

And, one of the people at the Lake of the Ozarks party has tested positive. I would hate to be the contact tracer for that case.

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