A bridge to August

It’s Monday, July 20th, probably the best date on the calendar. It’ll be a hot one.

Billy Baker has yet another (great) story about greenhead flies.

Dan Primack and Nicholas Johnston use bullet points to explain how we blew it in preparing for the current outbreak. I continue to believe it’s all about testing, which we never really got right and which we’re still struggling with.

An Irish poem about yanks coming to visit in the days of coronavirus (via the Irish Post.) It’s a sad read.

The administration is revisiting that 100% tariff on European wine that was proposed and kiboshed a few months ago. It’s not what the bar and restaurant economy needs right now but it could still happen. On the local level there’s some good news for small breweries that wanted flexibility on distribution.

The Post looks at a new book on evolution that finds friendliness often beats fitness when it comes to survival. Dogs figured this out. Here’s the proof.

Oh, and on Friday the Internet broke. But now it’s fixed.

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