A brand new hairdo

Sunday morning, February 28th. The last day in the shortest month.

The Dorchester Youth Collaborative is an institution in the city. It’s a shame that they’re closing, another victim of the pandemic. They’ve saved many young lives over the years.

You wouldn’t think a story on cosmetology at a Boston high school would be very important in the grand scheme of things. Hairdressing classes? But it’s a way to engage students and put them on a carer track for something that has meaning for them. The problem, as Meg Irons points out, is that Madison Park High seems to only be going through the motions. Rhode Island has the right idea. Include business training, budgets and entrepreneurship in the cosmetology track. Give kids the tools they need to do well in the future, don’t just keep them placated for four years in the present.

Are vaccines safe and effective? That question was answered in Milton, MA, 200 years ago.

A new album by… Nancy Sinatra? It’s a retrospective and Christopher Muther is right, the songs are surprisingly good. Lots of them were written by Lee Hazelwood with backing by the Wrecking Crew. They certainly are of their time.

And a plastic surgeon, who was double-booked for a surgical procedure and an appearance on a video call for traffic court, decided to do both at the same time. Double face time.

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