The blank page

Today is Saturday. Happy birthday to Sonny Terry, Drake and The Big Bopper.

A sweet Dunkins love story from Oklahoma. Awww.

Joe Biden claimed that Donald Trump didn’t have a plan to tackle Covid. Trump said he had a tremendous plan. You can look up to see who’s right. Very clever.

Adam Vaccaro reports that Keolis, the company that runs the MBTA commuter rail, has been hacked. It’s described as a ransomware attack but it also looks like quite a bit of data was accessed.

Mina Tavakoli reviews the new Springsteen album. I don’t think she likes it but even after deploying many, many words (penance, panegyrics) she doesn’t actually come out and say it. But I did like it, especially the playing of the E Street Band. This was recorded in 5 days after a long band hiatus and they sound tight. You can’t beat that rhythm section.

And Austin Mann has been known to get amazing photos out of smartphone cameras. Here’s his review of the new iPhone 12 cameras. More incredible photos, of course.

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