A black box under the golden dome

Monday. Can’t trust that day.

While Boston is still thinking about free transit, Luxembourg has already pulled the trigger.

Journalist Shira Schoenberg tried to find out how members of the MA House Ways and Means Committee voted on the recent transportation bill. It’s still a mystery. So much for transparency.

Mayor Pete is out. I sure that we haven’t seen the last of him.

The Week in Tech is all about coronavirus. There have been big impacts on manufacturing, supply chain and travel. Lots of conferences cancelled. Even SXSW may be on the ropes. Universal Hub notes at least one Boston conference that is still happening. And Yahoo has some tips for the workplace in this, the time of the coronavirus.

Here’s a Gawker Stalker courtesy of the West Side Rag: Tracy Morgan in a Lamborghini and Larry David in what looks like a coffee shop.

And don’t miss the Savin Hillbillies upcoming shows. They’re at the Dorchester Brewing Company on Wednesday and Tavolo on the 14th.

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