The battle royal

It’s Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. It’s also World Pistachio Day.

Apparently there are many products that provide misleading information on added sugar. I’m shocked. Shocked!

An unruly, raucous squabble, a fiery, messy, loud fiasco, a crazy train, a shouting match, a dumpster fire, a gang up. That’s just a sampling of descriptors for last night’s debate. To that list I would add chaotic and poorly-moderated. But it wasn’t all the moderators’ fault. The candidates also behaved childishly, breaking the rules of the debate and then whining when others also did so. And who’s writing those jokes for Bloomberg?

Boston area home prices are holding steady if not trending up. More buyers than sellers.

Trying to figure out who the real bad guy is in a whodunit? Just look at what type of phone they’re using.

And the courts in Indiana ruled that if police attach a GPS tracker to a car and the owner finds and discards it, that the owner cannot be charged with theft of the device. Pretty obvious, really.

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