Hidden in plain view

A beautiful bright Sunday. So how cold was it this morning?

The new long awaited Mac Pro will be available for sale on Tuesday. The base model is $5,999. The monitor costs $4,999 and it doesn’t come with a stand. That will set you back another $1000. It’s not within my range but I’ll run my dream configuration through the pricing options to get a total. My guess? $18,099. Absolutely out of my range.

5G is coming, for most people, probably next year. So what it it? Here’s a high level overview.

The power of open source investigations. It’s what anyone can do using a computer and the internet. It’s a little scary.

And remember when we could tackle big worldwide existential problems? Good times.

Cosmic debris

A sunny Saturday. Also a date which will live in infamy.

This morning the Herald provides some essential local reporting by covering end of year City Council activity. Good stuff. The piece actually seems to have a point of view. Now if they would only dump some of those columnists I could even consider a subscription.

If the universe is 13.8 billion years old, how can we see 46 billion light years away? Ethan Siegel explains.

The Guardian has released their list of the best classical music of 2019.

And there’s a pasta crackdown targeting the old women of Bari.

Cropped Tops

While looking at the Globe online this morning I noticed the unusual composition of this photo.

I can see the top of someone’s head at the bottom of the image. Maybe that person wasn’t relevant to the story and they were cropped out, resulting in the weird unbalanced framing.

But no. Below is the full image from the story. And it’s a great shot, by Jen Murphy, of the whole team! So if a horizontal crop was needed, why not something like the one outlined in yellow? It would have been perfect.

The decision to crop out the bottom two thirds of the photo doesn’t make sense. Maybe it has something to do with the CMS or deadlines, but it just seems odd to me. Are photo editors still a thing or is it all automated now?

Oh, and here’s another strange one in the Globe today…